Youth Suicide Prevention

American Rescue Plan Act Emergency Native Language Funding Opportunity Announcement

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP), Section 11004 authorized Section 816 of the Native Americans Programs Act (NAPA) of 1974 (42 USC 2992d) to amend Section 803C of NAPA (42 USC 2991b-3) to create (g) Emergency Grants for Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance to award grants to entities eligible to receive assistance under subsection (a) (1) to ensure the survival and continuing vitality of Native American languages during and after the public health emergency declared by the Secretary with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. I.

RFI: Methods and Leading Practices for Advancing Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through Government

OMB seeks input, information, and recommendations from a broad array of stakeholders in the public, private, advocacy, not-for-profit, and philanthropic sectors on available methods, approaches, and tools that could assist in identifying effective methods for assessing whether agency policies and actions equitably serve all eligible individuals and communities, particularly those that are currently and historically underserved.

Resource: 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results

The 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System results present a promising picture for some behaviors and experiences among high school students; however, other areas reveal that teens are still engaging in behaviors that put them at risk.

Resource: Tip Sheets on Everyday Parenting Topics

These tip sheets are designed for service providers to share with parents and caregivers in the context of a particular concern or question. They can be downloaded individually or as a packet in English and Spanish.